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Transform Shopping into Support with Smile.Markets

Effortless Fundraising for Causes, Charities & Communities

Every dollar counts! Smile.Markets introduces a revolutionary way to bolster your fundraising efforts without the need for direct donations. Imagine turning everyday shopping by your supporters into a steady stream of contributions to your organization. content shapes

Fundraising w/ Smile Markets

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Shop & Support

Your supporters shop as they normally would from hundreds of participating stores, turning a percentage of their spending into donations to your organization.

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Zero Cost, Maximum Impact

With no out-of-pocket costs to your organization or your supporters, fundraising becomes a byproduct of an everyday activity – online shopping.

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Always Working...

Unlike traditional platforms, Smile.Markets raises funds around the clock without ever directly soliciting donations from supporters. particle particle particle

How much can my Cause earn?

See how much is donated to your cause on each vendor's respective page link on Smile.Markets. Donation amounts vary; but it generally ranges from 1% – 30% of the total purchase amount. The amount raised from everyday shopping can quickly add up! There is no limit on how much money we can raise!.

# of Supporters Avg. Amount Purchased/Year Avg. Percentage Donated Estimated Donations/Year
100 $500 3.5% $1,750
1,000 $500 3.5% $17,500
10,000 $500 3.5% $175,000 content shapes

Fundraising Evolved

The constant distraction of needing to raise money can be tough. Smile.Markets work with 100's of online vendors to develop and nuture an online platform that improves and assists organizations' fundraising efforts.

Smile.Markets offers supporters the opportunity to 'donate' to a cause while shopping. Causes are now afforded a fundraising tool that can work to benefit the organization without the time or energy from members, allowing them to focus on their mission and goals for good.

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Looking for Fundraising?

Get a Smile.Markets page for your cause and raise money at no cost to you or or your supporters! Every cause, charity, and community needs to know about Smile.Markets unique fundraising solution!

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